Too many business ideas and ventures fail before they ever get off the ground.
Though the reasons may vary, one REALLY BIG factor for historically high failure rates for new businesses are the blind-spots that exist in those trying to lead them.

The high cost associated with business mis-steps affect more than just the bottom line.
Over time, they can erode confidence and fuel your internal fear,
bringing your forward movement to a grinding halt.

...And it doesn't have to be that way.

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In his work as an executive coach in the Birmingham business community, Brent Bauer has had increasing exposure to, and influence among young growth minded entrepreneurs and founders of start-up companies who are coming to realize that the historic 70%+ failure rate among new businesses has the odds stacked against them.

In an effort to help them gain a strategic edge against those odds, Brent founded ACTUATE Birmingham in August of 2019. 

Over the past three decades, Brent has assisted organizational leadership in companies throughout the Southeast to develop methods and systems which ensure repeatable, high-quality standards of service.


ACTUATE Birmingham is a community designed specifically to address the challenges that most small businesses face, and we do so through leveraging FOUR key characteristics which are present in each ACTUATE community:



Ten brains are ALWAYS better than one. Experience the momentum of highly engaged business minds working together to create solutions for your business challenges.


Group members are from non-competing industries and often times see your challenges from a completely different angle, creating an environment where three dimentional thinking can take place.


Follow-through on actions are more likely to take place when stated in front of your MasterMind peers, moving you closer to your desired business outcomes, one step
at a time.


Stay connected with ACTUATE Birmingham members  between
bi-weekly roundtables via confidential, closed-group communication service.


ACTUATE groups are now forming around the Birmingham area,
and one of them has a seat available for you.

If you are a growth-minded entrepreneur, founder, or owner of a start-up who is tired of paying the high price associated with going-it-alone, the ACTUATE Birmingham community of business leaders may be an excellent fit for you, but you'll never know until you step into one. It's your move.

If you have received a green ACTUATE Birmingham chip, it is because you have already been vetted as a candidate for one of our groups. The person who gave you that chip has experienced something first-hand which they believe could be a game changer for you. That chip has led you here, and you can redeem it by clicking the button below.


ACTUATE Birmingham


T:   205.799.1901

A:   324 Commons Drive
      Birmingham, Alabama 35209

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